Servicing maintains the efficiency and extends the life of your air conditioner

Our Service Engineers are highly skilled and experienced with all air-conditioning types and brands and our professional maintenance service will keep your cooling/heating system in great working condition.

Regular servicing is important, as it can:

  • Extend the life of your air conditioner
  • Improve the running efficiency and reduces energy consumption and cost
  • Improve air quality (our service includes an antibacterial spray, cleaned filters, and removal of mould and dust mites)
  • Reduce the likelihood of your air conditioner breaking down.
  • Maintain installation and manufacture warranties
  • Extend the life of outdoor units by applying a Corrosion Treatment

Are you experiencing frequent mechanical issues, inaccurate temperature control and unreliable service technicians? Talk to us today – we can set up a service schedule to keep your systems in tip-top condition and prevent issues before they arise. We’ll also make sure you know how to take good care of your system so you can ensure long-term value from your investment.

We carry out air-conditioning servicing & repairs in the following regions: Brisbane, Bayside, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba.

Don’t wait ’til it breaks!

This summer is set to be even hotter than the last, and last summer was hot enough! 

Servicing includes cleaning filters, application of antibacterial spray, and removal of mould & dust mites. 

Now is the time to get your air conditioner serviced, so you can stay cool through the summer.